Kuanysh Bayandinov


Coffeshop, Astana

Hi! I’m Kuanysh Bayandinov [qu-á-nysh bäh-yän-dinov].

For the last five years, I’ve worked for myself as an indie consultant building apps and programming interfaces for tools for managing workforce, assessing location sites, accessing personal government data, tracking medical documents and facilitators of health and safety within maritime industry.

I like companies that move fast. Most of the times, they are startups.


I’m an Argyn. Most of my life was spent in Kazakhstan where I grew up. I spent some time in UK, Malaysia, Thailand and a dozen of other countries during my travels.


I got my first PC when I was three years old. It was Pentium II. I played some hack games out of Russia based on Bomberman and Castlevania. It was in 1996-1997 in Semey.

Me at 11, Astana, 2004

Years later, I’ve opened Macromedia Flash for the first time. I was eleven. The same year I made my first website when one of the my auntie’s customers showed the command-line interface magic by creating 100s of folders and deleting them. I was in awe and nothing was the same since then. This was in Moscow around the same time GTA: Vice City was popping off everywhere.

Taste & Aesthetics

  • Pizza: quattro formaggi
  • Coffee: highly-acidic V60
  • Meat: korean BBQ
  • Food: chebureki, pelmeni
  • Cartoon: Batman the Animated Series, Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Music: Reasonable Doubt, House of Balloons, Blonde

I’m a proponent of a remote lifestyle which includes a freedom of travel, international business and distributed workforce.

Me coding on board, Fall 2018

What’s next?

In the near future I aim to get a new residency, startup a new venture and have good times whenever possible.

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