For the last eight years, I have been building web-sites, apps and interfaces for tools for assessing location sites in Illinois and Iowa, educational organizations, managing documents for juridical institutions, and accessing personal government data in Kazakhstan, tracking medical documents and facilitators of health in Ohio and safety within the maritime industry in Denmark.

I’m a proponent of a remote lifestyle, freedom of travel, and decentralization.


I spent my childhood and youth in Kazakhstan. I speak in English and Russian.


I got my first PC when I was three years old. It was Pentium II. I played some hack games out of Russia based on Bomberman and Castlevania. It was in 1996-1997 in Semey.

Point of no-return

Years later, I’ve opened Macromedia Flash for the first time. I was eleven. The same year I made my first website when one of the my auntie’s customers showed the command-line interface magic by creating 100s of folders using simple for i in {1..100} loop and deleting them. I was in awe and nothing was the same since then. Flash’s ActionScript and <marquee/> were enough.

This is how I spent that summer, tinkering with Macromedia Flash and playing GTA: Vice City. Of course I had a slow start as I had to learn English first.

Later, in my teenage years I dove into web-technologies trying to find a way to earn money. I started as a professional at 19 and eventually grew not only to become a full-stack technologist but also got familiar with many industries across the world.


Once I started to work with international companies on a remote basis, I had no physical constraints any longer. So I started travelling. As a youngster I spent some time in UK and Malaysia and knew that the world has a lot to offer to those who seek new experience. Since then I’ve been to 20+ countries including France, Italy, Korea and Japan combining travel and software development.

The place I find the most interesting is Japan. No surprise there.

Osaka, 2018
Osaka, 2018

Expat lifestyle

After extensive travelling and one life crisis I decided to settle in some place where I can focus more on personal growth. Canada ended up being the place for me. I now reside in Toronto.

What’s next?

Now I’m working on several projects, learn new technologies and share my experience. I’m always eager to do the latter with people who need it. I do recognize that my experience would be especially useful to those who are from post-USSR countries. Like many of those I had to go through many hoops to have things set up.

Can I reach out to you?