Kuanysh Bayandinov

Frequently Asked Questions

What this site is built on?

It’s a custom framework with server-side rendered React, Express and GraphQL. All is build and designed solely by me.

What typeface is this?

Ideal Sans by Hoefler Co.

I want to code. What should I learn first?

Learn Javascript. It’ll allow you to build web-apps for any browser, desktop apps, CLI apps for any operating system with Node.js and mobile apps with React Native. Unprecedented.

What text editor do you use?

It’s iTerm2, Vim and Zsh + Prezto.

What typeface do you prefer in terminal?

I really like Iosevka at 16pt.

I’m a non-technical founder. What should I be aware of?

Development is expensive. Developers are expensive. Maintaining codebase is expensive. If you are not made of money or lack access to it, learn to code yourself. Chances are, it’ll be the highest ROI in your life.

Are you available for consulting?

Yes. I’m mostly focused on a few long-term projects, but I do have time for your consulting project. I charge weekly. Topics I consult on are software design, development management and architecture decisions.

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