After years of experience on both sides of the pond – in the US, Canada, and EU I’m now available for non-tech founding teams at the MVP stage as a consultant and advisor on a remote basis for companies like:

As a designer and technologist, my goal is to lead products to the point where a stellar look meets top-notch utility. Put simply, it’s to help startups line up their process to delight their users in a technologically maintainable way. I’ve been striving towards that ultimate win-win for the last eight years.

“His creative thinking and problem-solving skills came across very strongly and once he started to write code for our software, he simply blew us away. The speed at which he delivers and level of execution are second to none, absolutely amazing!” Yassin Askar, co-founder at Scoutbase in Copenhagen, Denmark

There are many freelancers and contractors. Software is now everywhere. However, the person you need must encompass a lot more. This is the case where breadth of knowledge is more important than the depth of it. A strong generalist is what startups need and I’ll be the one to provide the assistance and expertise as an architect of your product’s codebase. I’ll teach you how to have a performant setup that would streamline your development process, ensure code quality, stability and uptime.

Advising and teaching non-tech teams is what I do.

Your customers want to win. Let’s make something that will make your users feel like they won by choosing your product.

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