A warm welcome to Founders Network members! I became a part of the “secret society’s” July’21 cohort. Thank you to Kevin Holmes, and Daniel Handiaz for nominating me.

Here I wrote down a little backstory for the Xevol and my personal situation that led to discovering that idea.

Software is the greatest social mobility facilitator

I’m mostly a self-taught developer with experience in Kazakhstan, Denmark, the US, and Canada. I was born and raised in Kazakhstan where I created my first website at 12 (was HTML/CGI on Russia-based servers, narod.ru). Got hooked to tech by re-creating comics fan websites. None of the words made sense but slowly and surely it became a hobby/passion.

Later, when there was a question of what’s next I dropped out of BSc in Marketing and decided to focus on honing my skills to be good enough for the worldwide arena. After a two-month up-to-speed period, I started out by building SPAs for the local government at 19 (the biggest project is still in prod and used by every citizen in the country with my design and front-end code seven years later). Then at 21 I started thinking bigger and switched to working with the US companies, quickly 30x’ing my income). That allowed me to start doing the nomad thing by filling out my Maslow’s pyramid and also made it clear to me that there are a lot more opportunities than anyone in my network knows about. Since then I’ve been to 26+ countries before deciding to settle in Canada at 25 where my wife and I became parents. As you can imagine the journey included overcoming barriers like language, behavior, and values that are so hard for most ex-pats and immigrants.

Now, the whole point of this short story is to highlight how software is the greatest social mobility facilitator if used correctly.

More people above API

The mission for Xevol is to bring non-tech normies above the API layer using a text editor that has the complexity hidden but allows for the complex behavior in the ever-growing global e-commerce ecosystem. Most people cannot write code nor use Excel but all of them can write text in Notepad/Word/Notes.

With the surged trend of remote work post-COVID there is a visible gap. While tech-savvy folk has been working remotely for decades, the normies are still figuring out how to embed themselves into that new lifestyle. Making a tool for them to do it is both a noble goal and a tremendous opportunity if done right.

If Webflow is a site builder, Xevol is a work publisher. If Notion is a library, Xevol is a librarian. If Stripe/Adyen/PayPal builds roads, Xevol is a SimCity.

There’s a lot of ideas to unpack from these analogies starting from translatable services (e.g.: doctors from Russia helping clients in Indonesia), async chunk coding (making development anonymous by chunking the code requirements). Both of these are Layer Two solutions that require Layer One built out. That’s the current focus.

Thank you for reading this far! Feel free to let me know what you think by scheduling a call. No expectations nor obligations but I can also help with tech strategy, async remote work, and hiring overseas as it directly falls under my personal experience.