On being fired

A few years ago I came upon this comment on some website I don’t even remember now.

“Hate, take heart! The good news is that through those struggles, you are gaining valuable strengths that you will actually appreciate later on. You are building character, self-esteem, wisdom, patience, all of which will serve you well in life. Every time you are uncomfortable, you are learning! You are equipped with a clever ability that many people don’t bother to utilise: you are free to use your heart and mind to decide how you will respond to whatever good, and bad, comes your way. So if you’re still waiting for the chance to enjoy the good life, make sure you are eagerly soaking up all the lessons there are to learn in your current situation. Find the good. Be positive. Be a good example. Gain experience and maturity. Perseverance pays off. Look at trials not as a bad thing — rather view trials as preparation for your dream life! What if the opportunity for your dream job or dream life came your way and you didn’t recognise it? A smooth sea does not a good sailor make. Embrace the rough seas now, my friend, and you will not miss the boat when your cruise ship of life sets sail!”

I find it helpful at times. I thought you would too.