Kuanysh Bayandinov

What I use

Somewhat often I get messages asking about tools, software and hardware I use. This is the page answering those messages.

Shell & Editor

Vim inside iTerm 2 as of April 14th, 2019

Most of the work is done in Vim and iTerm2 with Iosevka set up at 16pt. Color scheme is rotated every other month. I like Gruvbox, Seti and Gotham.


Menubar as of April 14th, 2019

Here is how my menubar looks like as of April 14th, 2019

There are plenty of apps but here are those that I have paid for or found the best in their category.

Safari extensions

Yes, Safari is the default browser of mine.


Apple is king. Posture is sacrificed most of the time.

  • Macbook Pro 15-inch 2017 is annoying. It has worst keys, useless “Magic Touchbar”, ineffective Type-C ports and yet, this is the tool I have not seen an alternative for. macOS is still top-tier system. Touching Windows is out of the question.
  • Roost Laptop Stand – a great solution for posture. Ergonomics is the problem, this flexible tool provided me at least a few days of productivity, a no-brainer.
  • iPhone 7+ Jet Black, and yes, it’s old. Honestly though, migrating to a newer model is questionable. If you don’t shoot random stuff for social media, there is not much point in upgrading to newer models. Smartphones have found an equillibrium now. I don’t bother.
  • Kindle Paperwhite (Waterproof) for affordable & effortless reading experience. I use “Send to Kindle” a lot by having a @kindle.com email address where I send my collection of ePub. Simple and immutable.
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 – a perfect headphones companion for those who are on road, in coffee shops or fly often. The first time I had active noise cancelling I was blown away. Best purchase to date.
  • TOTU 8-in-1 Type C Hub is a generic accessory that is a must have for Macbook users. Type C is still annoying port to have but after that dongle life did get better.
  • uni USB Type C to HDMI is for road experience. Most hotels & AirBnbs have TVs with HDMI, so this slim and short cable comes in handy. Relying on the dongle above requires a separate HDMI cable which is not optimal.

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