Why Canada?

Toronto by Jochem
Toronto by Jochem

It’s been almost a year for us here in Toronto. Canada day was just a week ago so I had some time to reflect.

There are many things my wife and I enjoy here but those listed below are the most important for us.

Worth stating that the original plan was to go to the USA. However, we ended up in Canada instead and there was no regret. Especially given the COVID-19 situation. So, some of the points below highlight the difference between the two North American countries.

Let’s start.

First, it’s a rational immigration system. One can become a permanent resident without stepping on the soil of the country. Approximately 300,000 people do exactly that every year. Moreover, becoming a permanent resident and citizen can be done in less than four years in total.

I came here for a job. The work permit process took me four months. It’s relatively a good deal for Canadian companies because the cost of application is just around CAD$1k. Compared to the US, it’s 5-10x less.

A strong safety net. The tax return of 2019 was back in our mailbox in three days. Looking at what people say about COVID relief online, it was distributed in a timely fashion. The government didn’t hesitate to start relief programs.

Jus soli1, citizenship by birth. Not many countries in the world have that.

Functional government. I lean towards Libertarian values but cannot deny that the government here is effective. Federal and provincial channels of information just work.

Diverse society. Almost every second person on the street here in Toronto is a person like us. Not a local. Official statistics say 46.1% of the population in the city is foreign-born.

Reputation. Stereotypes of Canadians attract me more than those of any other nation. People joke that people here are kind and that “Sorry” is the default reaction to everything. That’s more true than not. I’m yet to see an altercation.

It’s safe. Both crime and health-wise. Healthcare comparison with the USA is beating a dead horse at this point.

Biggest reservoirs of freshwater worldwide. Quite important during climate change of the 22nd century.

Close proximity to the US and its strong economy. To state the obvious, Canada benefits economically from the strong economy down the border. Canadian passport holders have access to NAFTA and its TN visa as well as the E2 Treaty Investor visa.

Brain gain. There aren’t many countries in the world that have positive brain gain and one Canada has recently become the number one in OECD countries in terms of attracted talent.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Canada is a great country. I hope this shortlist will help you understand if Canada is a choice for you too.

Have any questions? I’m available @kukasmog and [email protected].

  1. It means the “right of the soil” in Latin.