Kuanysh Bayandinov

Kuanysh BayandinovI help people grow businesses by streamlining processes with design and software.

Hi, I’m Kuanysh. I like to solve problems by designing and developing efficient and effective systems. My mum is a teacher, dad an entrepreneur. I grew up in Kazakhstan where my dad gave me a Pentium II when I was three. Once the Internet became present in my childhood I taught myself web development. The hobby turned into a career. Then it led me to work on products that are used by millions of people and introduced me to absurdly talented people from all over the world.

I built websites and apps, designed systems and managed projects for companies in Kazakhstan, US, Germany, Denmark, and Canada.

Now developing software at Lane Technologies Inc.Lane and residing in Toronto, Canada.


His creative thinking and problem-solving skills came across very strongly and once he started to write code for our software, he simply blew us away. The speed at which he delivers and level of execution are second to none, absolutely amazing!Yassin Askar
Co-founder at Scoutbase
Yassin Askar

Kuanysh is one of the most knowledgable and efficient developers I have worked with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a true, senior full-stack developer.Peter Larsen
Founder at Nucleus
Peter Larsen

It’s rare to find someone who can independently solve problems, communicate them clearly, and think ahead instead of just on the current problem. Kuanysh would make a great addition to any team!Austin Kettner
Co-founder at Wonderkiln
Austin Kettner